Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Girl's Texas Trip 09

A couple weeks ago, Avery, my Mom, and I went to Frisco Texas to visit my inlaws and the Millers (Josh's sister and family who haven't met Avery). It was Avery's first plane ride and she was a very good baby....even earned her Alaska Airlines wings! While we were there, two other grandmothers came to visit so it was a great trip! Avery got to hang with her cousins.......and for me it was a long awaited bonding time with that part of Josh's family (especially Tiffany who shares the love of "The Housewives of OC and NYC")!
We hope to make another visit this year. And next time I'm going to bring an extra bag so I can load it up with goodies from Hobby Lobby....a store that puts Michaels and Joanne's to shame!