Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby's first football game

The only issue I see with this is that it's not Texas A&M, never good to let her first experience be a Husky game and to compound things it's an Oregon loss. Hope this does not have a lasting affect.

Whose that body guard on the bottom left?

Bed Wars.....

So where is Dad suppose to sleep? LOL

Another good night in the books

Avery is certainly making this parenting thing easy; waking every 3 to 3.5 hour to eat, be changed and then she is ready to hit the sack again. She gave us four cycles of that last night allowing Mon and I both some quality sleep.

The dogs still are not quite sure what to think of her but they know stuffs changing. Avery thinks they're killer to look at so the integration has begun.

Promise to post more pics at some point today.
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Home on the range

Everyone is home and doing great. Avery has not missed a beat and seems to be in a good groove. It is allowing Monica and I time to rest which has been wonderful considering the first night. Monica is also feeling well, the staples issue was nothing serious and now it's just a matter of keeping her in bed.

One of the best parts of bring Avery home was introducing her to the dogs. Both are not quite sure what to think but they know its big. Aspen was very hurt when we first got home because Mon took Avery into our room and shut the dogs out. Aspen looked like someone had just pee'd in his Cherios, Big change are coming pooches. We took pics and will post them sooner then later.

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The train is leaving the station...

...And my girls are on board. Good bye hospital, hello home.
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Held up at the pass

Unfortunately Mon had some issues with the staple removal. Dr is here now and we hope to still get outta here soon. Can not wait to take my ladies home.

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We look to be going home today

The doctors have been into talk to us this morning and it sounds like we will be released around 2PM this afternoon. Both Monica and I are very excited to get Avery home. Nothing like your own surroundings to help with the transition and healing.

Also Avery's Belly Ruben counts(Rubin, not sure the correct spelling as both can be found on Medical MD) was about 11 yesterday so they just had to take more blood to check her levels today. Talk about mess'n with a mother Bear's cub; I thought Monica was going to levitate off the bed and cold cock the women. Always hard to watch your baby get poked and then squeezed. Oh the joys of parenthood. I told Monica well at least she is a girl, if it was a boy then circumcision would be almost impossible for her.

That's the update from now, I hope the next post I make is from the comforts of our own home. Also I want to get Monica on here in the next few days so she can relate where she is to all of you following us out there.


Sorry to all those of you out there looking for hour by hour updates, yesterday Monica and I were both wiped out from 2.5 hours of sleep the night before. Additionally the pain medication they had Monica on was not working so she was in an immense amount of pain yesterday. She was very worried that something more serious was wrong. Fortunately we were able to catch Dr. Callahan before she left for the long holiday weekend; she reassured Monica that the areas of pain were part of the deal and additionally switched up the pain meds. As the drugs started to take hold last night, Monica was able to relax and get some sleep.

Baby Avery also helped out, she got into a groove allowing mom and dad some much needed rest. The nurses last night were also very helpful and full of information. So overall yesterday had a challenging start but finished great. Everyone is up this morning and doing well. Monica is even up and around (although I'm trying to get her to still take it easy, those Koreski's like to go) this morning taking tons of photo's as she dresses Avery in all types of hats and head bands.

Here are some new pics:

Friday, August 29, 2008

More Avery Pics

Back by popular demand is more pics of Avery Rose. Some of these were taken by Auntie Amanda yesterday and some are from this morning (she is finally napping, whew!).

Sleepless in Seattle

Dear God what have we done, j/k. All those of you that warned about no sleep were right on. Monica and I both tried to alternate last night but the combination of nerves and excitement kept us both in lite sleep. We're both tired this morning but have already mastered ancient techniques like, swaddling, diaper changing, burping, and for Mon the nursing gig. Avery is great but turns into a little ball of rage once the diaper gets dirty (guess though we better stay on top of this so the home she eventually puts us in will change our promptly as well). The story and fun will go on.
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

One Last Post For Today

I think this will be my last post for today. What a hell of a day! Avery is amazing and its been so fun for both Monica and I. The out pouring of love and support has been very touching to both of us as well.

Couple of notes that I don't think I got into the blog today:

1) Avery had the cord around her neck so the scheduled c was a very fortunate thing.

2) Monica is doing incredibly well according to nurses and doctors. She even got up by herself this evening so they are very encouraged by her progress.

3) Looks like Saturday evening will be release time. I'll update you as I know more.

4) It is confirmed Monica is a reality tv addict. She had Jeff dvr Big Brother tonight and is still watching it in the room as we speak. They may hold her for a few more days for research purposes. Lol.

Well goodnight world, it has been a wild ride that we are so happy to have been able to share with you.

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Avery's first movie

Thought all of you out there might like to hear and see Avery so here is her first online video leak.

Don't worry the end it just us freaking out as new parents. The learning curve is high right now, what can we say. Ah Freak Out!

Now if Mon can get some sleep we will be in business. So much fun to have Avery with us now!

By popular demand....

People have been asking to see a hair shot and Avery and I. Your wishes are our commands.

Want to see a monkey's uncle?

UJ meets his new niece.


Our Avery Rose.......

I'll put up some other photo's here in a second but wanted to get the baby pics up ASAP.

Strike the last post

Room info is 4S 483 Swedish of Seattle.
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Room info

This is probably goes without saying but if you want to visit please call ahead of time.

Permanent room details:
Room 483 SW @ Swedish in Seattle

Sorry to have to give the disclaimer but Monica is tired.

Pics coming soon.
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Moving time

We are in the process of moving to our permanent home for the next few days. Avery and Monica are both doing great. Avery nursed for 35 minutes right away and got her first bath. She is perfect. Monica is sore but overjoyed to have laid eyes on her.

I will post pictures in the next hour or so I promise. Crazy carnival but I know we have lot of people wanting to see her.

Thank you for all the love and support today, Monica and I have both appreciated all the comments on the blog.
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Meet our Avery Rose

Avery joined us 11:55AM (PST) today. She weighed 7lbs 12.9oz and 18" long. Will have to review the votes to see who won although I think it's safe to rule Steve W's vote. Lol. Avery is beautiful and Monica is doing well. Mon had some issues with nausea but beyond that everything went very well according to the doctors. What an incredible experience! Will post photo's soon.
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Go time has just been announced, looks like 1130 is holding strong. Should be about an hour from then. Here we go!

Also posted picture to some of the posts this morning so check those out.


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Latest update

Dr Callahan just came in and we are still holding. New estimate is 1130. Uh the waiting is the hardest part. Monica is ready to get going so keep your thoughts prayers that she stays relaxed. Amanda has just shown up so the party grows by another member. Meme has not dawned the crown yet but I'm promised it will come. Update you as we know more. This blog thing is a blast. Guess one of the unintended actions is that your mother and sister can air out your laundry. Thanks Mom and Tiff for the tooth story. Lol.

Oh and now we have Steph, Cade, and Ava to add to the party crowd. Boy will this hospital remember us.

Here are the guesses we have written down:
Steph 8lbs 6oz, 19"
Tom (my Dad) 7lbs 8oz, 20"
Monica 7lbs 13oz, 20"
Me 8lbs 4oz, 23"
Rose (my Mom) 7lbs 8oz, 19"
Tiff 7lbs 6oz, 20"
Cyndi 8lbs 4oz, 22"
Laura 7lbs 14oz, 21"
Geezer (Mon's Dad) 7lbs 11.5oz, 19.5"
Sally 7lbs 4oz, 19.7"
Aunt Karen 8lbs 2oz, 20.5"
Meme (Mon's Mom) 7lbs 8oz, 20"
Casey 8lbs 3oz, 20"
Amanda 7lbs 9.5oz, 20.25"
Dr Callahan 6lbs 5oz, 19"
Jenn the Nurse 6lbs 14oz, 18"

OK, closest to the pin here we come.
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Grandparents are here

Geezer and Meme have arrived. Doctor Callahan has been in, everyone is in holder pattern. For those of you following, here is the big question: What do you think Avery's size and length will be? Post your guess, we have written down our guesses and will update the winner soon as we know. Whew, still can not believe we're here.

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Delayed at the first tee box

We have just been informed that we are in a holding pattern until an ongoing emergency is resolved with another patient. Estimated time now is about 10 to 1030 but that is more of a guess. Will update when we are going in.
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After further review of the hospital fine print, email is fine (so the blog will go on) but talking is not. Guess the blog will be your first source for updates, yeah blog!

Monica is doing great, getting asked all the fun questions, have you ever taken money for sex or drugs? Yes. What? J/K. Baby has been on the monitor and is doing great. Keep your thoughts and prayers for Mon as she goes under the drugs. This is the one thing she is a little stressed about. Stay tuned.

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Ok so we have arrived and Monica is getting suited up. We are not suppose to use cell phones so this may be my last post for a while. While I'm on the subject of rule breaking I would like to point out that blogging and driving is highly dangerous and illegal. Don't do it kids. Also if you were wondering, no we did not get sponsor dollars from Sprint and Blackberry, its just the auto signature on the phone (yes Charlie I have tried). So that's the update, more to come.

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We're enroute or should I say sitting in traffic. Monica is holding steady.

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Alarm clock just went off, holy cow we're here. Time to shower and get momma to the hospital. Both Aspen and Vail think this is for the birds. Wait till we bring Avery home. Stay tune.....
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Last test to see if we are live with the mobile deal yet.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting you up to speed

Monica and I met in July 2003 at an adult beverage establishment in Seattle. As with all things I needed another chance and so found Monica again 13 days later (at another above state such establishment). Ever since things have been a wonderful blur; from the first rental house in West Seattle that Monica hated, to buying our first place in the WS, to huge Thanksgivings, and often quite evenings with our dogs.

In March 2006 Monica and I went for a cruise in the Caribbean and I asked her to marry me. Fortunately for me she said yes and in May 2007 we were married. For many of you that may have been that last we saw one another. The first year of marriage is also another period of life that screams by. Before we knew it my brother Jesse was leaving for Iraq and the holidays were upon us with friends and family. Of course the holiday period brings many parties and concerts for the radio industry and we have a wonderful Deck the Hall Ball show to thank nine month later (Joe & Jenn). A few weeks later I came home from the Seahawks playoff win over the Redskins to be told we were having a baby. Joy, terror, how the hell did that happen, oh wait never mind; I'm telling you there is a whole load of emotions that you go through as you prepare for your first child. So now in a crazy twist life has once again flown by, and she will be here tomorrow.

Monica and I both with author blogs here so watch for her to start posting in the next few weeks. Additionally I have hooked up my phone so I should be able to text updates throughout the day so check for those. There have been some tech issues this evening so let’s hope we are ready to roll in the next few hours. All right, I need to sleep; she is already costing me sleep. LOL