Saturday, September 4, 2010

Moving Day

Night 2 was much the same as night 1; sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat...... He did have a few moments but overall he has been a great baby during the night. We are getting released today so both Charlie and Mon are being run through a battery of tests. Charlie also will under go his first major surgery, circumcision! Just the word trips me out but the alternative is, well, you get the idea (hopefully without the mental picture). We also got back his Billy Rubin counts from a second test this morning and his counts are elevated but still within a good zone. Because of our ordeal with Avery this has been hard news for Mon. Please send prayers and positive thoughts about this, we would love to avoid the bed of lights this time around. Beyond this news Mon is looking and feeling better and better all the time. She is up and around despite the pain; I'm super proud of her for fighting through and getting on her feet. We hope to be home early this afternoon so I'll keep you posted on our escape from the hospital. Charlies just turned 3 days old or third day of life as they call it in the medical world. Happy 3rd Day Mr. Charlie....

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