Monday, August 16, 2010

.....And we're back just in time!

WOW, so leave the blog to Monica and everything goes to hell in a hand basket….. Come on, you know I’m kidding! As the last blog title clearly states, “Avery is Crawling”, and with this development so did every other free moment of our lives. To compound matters I left my job at Entercom Communications and started a Social Media company, Social Creature Media. SCM has enjoyed great success early and we are very bullish on the prospects ahead. We have been blessed that Monica has been able to remain at home and help Avery grow into an amazing little girl.

At this moment Avery is fast asleep but from dawn to dusk she amazes. She talks non-stop but she is Monica and I’s daughter, what would you expect. It’s amazing each day to watch the changes in her and new habits form (She doesn’t say “Yes” she says “Oh, fine”). Mon and I have been truly blessed to have her as our first, she has been a dream kid (which I’m praying doesn’t mean she is hell on wheels as a teen).

In late December, Mon informed me that we were pregers with #2, well technically she was but you get the drift! As with Avery, Monica was dead set she knew the sex of baby #2 and once again Dad was right, we are having a boy! And has fate would have it he is due on the same day as Ms Avery, August 30th (There is a joke here but I’ll error on the side of judgment for once in my life). Unlike with Avery, we have decided to let him come when he decides to come so we are now entering the go zone. Once again Monica has been a champ and the pregnancy has been as easy as a pregnancy can be for the most part. We are both very excited by his addition.

Due to great demand and because it’s what I due for a living I’ll be utilizing this blog to keep you up date on the changing conditions. This year I also own an Evo so the updates could also include video and pictures so strap on your seat belts kids this could win a Webbie! We also would like to play a little game of closest to the pin on a few key numbers. To participate leave your guess below for: his birth date, time, weight, and length. Look forward to naming the “winners” when he decides to join us. Thanks for putting up with our flakiness…… Monica’s I mean…….. Ha, now I’m really going to get in trouble! Got to go……


Cupples Therapy said...

So excited for the four of you! How wonderful.. Cannot wait to hear the updates! XOXO September
2nd is the day. Late afternoon. Loves and Hugs! -Rachel

Cyndi said...

Please post a current pic of Monica, so I can base my guess on appearance. :)