Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some Final Thoughts & Lots of Pics

The night has fallen here in Seattle and the view is something to behold. Mon is feeling great, actually got to eat a chicken salad sandwich tonight, but is worried about what tomorrow may bring after her experience with Avery. Charlie has finished eating for a zillionth time tonight and is resting fast for the moment. When I got back from the house this evening he and Mom were sizing one another up. He has taken to eating like a duck to water and seems pretty alert for a little guy.

Watching Avery with him today was a real trip. I'm not sure what was running around in that small dome but I'd have paid good money for a window. You can tell she is getting the idea but not sure how stoked she is with this "baby Charlie" thing. I'm sure she'll be great, she has been with everything else to this point. Putting her to bed tonight was filled with questions and comments about the entire day. For 2 she does not miss very many details.

OK, I know most of you have skipped right past all of this written content to the pics so I won't bother you with more ramblings. Here are a few moments from Day 1:

While we're both exhausted from the big day both Mon and I are super excited to add Charlie to our little family. All your comments, well wishes, thoughts, and prayers as much appreciated. We are lucky to have two great healthy children and a giant community of friends and family. We truly are blessed!

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MeghanSmithChamberlin said...

So beautiful... even I'M at a loss for words to describe :) How blessed you guys are and how elated I am for you! Charlie is amazing and watching Avery, watching and mezmerized by Charlie is even more amazing! And then there's the two who begat these images: Joshua & Monica... I wish I could express my excitement, happiness, love, pride, expectations for you guys! My brother: You did good and will never cease to do different nor amaze me. Mon: You make the act of motherhood, wife, life look just gorgeous and graceful. Here's to the Dirks Family! I love you all, God Bless & CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition and the long, FABULOUS road & journey you have ahead of you! ~Love Meghan "Mee-Hong" :)