Thursday, September 11, 2008

2 Weeks Old Today

To celebrate Avery's 2 week old birthday we ventured out to The Design Center to introduce Avery to all my design family and then we headed to Entercom to introduce her to Josh's radio peeps. She was very popular by all. Here is a photo of our precious baby.


Amy Lynn said...

She is sooo stinking cute. I can see family resemblence in this pic, she looks a bit like Cade. Love the outfit!

Carol said...

She is adorable and two weeks old already... before you know it she'll be in kindergarden!!
Love, C

Tiff said...

She is delicious!! Wish I could be there to help out.

Love you guys!!

Jefé said...

Umm,can we get a pic of when she's awake? LOL I mean granted this baby sleeps 90 percent of the time (at least of the times that I've seen her), but come on, let's the eyes!

But yes, beautiful little sleeping girl.

amy said...

gorgeous! that's all that can be said about that dolly! can't wait to hold that little squirt in 2 weeks! look "Maaaavelous, darling!" Can't believe how fantastic you look for just 2 weeks out of c-section surgery! Take care and make sure you remind Josh that you still need LOTS of pampering!
Amy in AZ

Debbie K said...

Beautiful. Everyday will be a new and wonderful day. Never to be the same again. It is a great adventure.