Friday, September 5, 2008

Down, Down, Down, The Count Keeps Going Down

13.8! Normal levels are considered under 12 for those of you not in the know. The results are not single digits like we had hoped but at least it's down again today. We can also remove the light paddle on her chest at this point which is one of her biggest angst with the whole contraption. Another test tomorrow morning and so on and so forth; we'll update as we know more.

Thanks for all the support!


Amanda said...

Yahoo! Down is good, down is good :)

rose said...

Oh those vampires - all they want is sweet Avery's blood!!! We'll be glad as will you when they quit poking that sweet baby girl - YIKES and Love to you, Mom and Bob

roguewave said...

Sounds like things are coming around. If you ever need anything or want to party and need uncle Larry to watch the little play thing give me a shout!