Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Latest

Sorry for all those of you following at home; we did not mean for the delay in updates to be so long. Our hope was that we would get two good blood tests and be out of the woods. Avery's jaundice counts have come down; last night by over 4pts but today only showed her down another .8 of a pt. We were hoping for single digits and to be done with the light setup today. With the new test we have to put both lights back on her and again keep a close eye on what is happening. Needless to say this is hard on us both; Monica is prone to spontaneous tears but we are managing. I'm sure some of you grizzly vets out there may be laughing at us but as first time parents every little bump feels like a coasters first big drop. For these reasons we have been very busy today and have put off some of the updates we promised. Once things return to normal we'll be back up and running with our planned posts. Hope everyone is well; we greatly appreciate all the prayers and thoughts.

PS For those of you keeping tabs on the tie downs for Monica; she did hit a wall yesterday afternoon and got some good sleep over the last 24 hours. Beyond the emotional roller coaster she is doing great, let's just hope Avery gets better soon so Momma will stop worrying.


AK said...

Monica and Josh,

I'm so sorry you have to go through this! I know how hard it is after both of Monica's cousins were under the lights. Hang in there - Sweet Avery will flush out the antibodies soon and be just fine. You can't help the tears, Monica, as the mother hormones flood over you, so go with the flow. Glad you can get some sleep.

I'll call and come over this weekend some time that works for you.

Love you three!


Charlie B. said...

can Lacey and I bring you guys dinner or help out with anything?

Steve said...

I can only imagine what you two are going through. Just know that we are all here with you. I know that these are just words that you read on a screen, but just say it to yourself that you have built up a huge pile of friends, family and loved ones that will be there for everything, because its true.

I can't say don't worry, because I know you you will. I can't say everything will be ok because you have the best doctors in the nation looking after your beautiful daughter, because I cannot take the worry from you.

All you can do is pray and wait.
All we can do is pray and wait.

We love you.


MMDirks said...

Thank you for your kind and loving words of encouragement. We know this jaundice thing is very common, but when it happens to your baby it can be a little scary.
We have some wonderful friends and family and appreciate your thoughts and prayers as the 3 of us get through this.