Monday, September 1, 2008

Avery's First National Holiday

It's been a lazy holiday Monday. Last night went very well and Avery took a big nap this morning. My day has been spent working with the dogs and doing things for my ladies. Mon has tried to take it easy but I'm telling you I really need some tie downs for the bed. Although the tie downs might make visitors a little uncomfortable, lol. Speaking of visitors we had several today; Amanda came by and helped Mon out with a few personal things and Jewel brought by an awesome casserole for us. Thanks to you both. And then as a topper Steph, Mark and the new cousins came by; bringing more food and some much needed caffeine. It's fun to watch Cade and Ava with Avery and of course Steph is a doting new aunt.

Avery is starting to hit little patches where she wants to hang out. Those short moments right now are a blast unless they happen to be at 330AM. Even then you just try to enjoy the moment as you are constantly reminded by all those around you who already have kids that they grow up to fast. Funny, you are bombarded by advice from the moment you tell people you are having kids; nothing like children to bring out the counselor in people. But I think the funniest bit of this is the new "they grow up fast one", its freaking universal. I was getting groceries yesterday and the bagger mentioned I looked tired. So being the proud new papa I informed her of our new addition and the next words out of her mouth were "oh enjoy these times, they grow up so fast". Unfreaking believable!

Well that about wraps the day to this point. Like I mentioned above I apologize about the lack of posts today but our writers took the holiday off. Please pardon this brief interruption and look for new post and pics tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great Labor Day.

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Rob, Barb, Grant & Gabe said...

Josh, Mon & Avery

We have been following everday. We are so happy for you guys! The happiest days of my life are spent with my family. We love you. Keep us posted.

Rob, Barb, Grant & Gabe

Amy Lynn said...

You are so great Joshy to be doing this blog, keeping us all who live far away and cant be there ourselves, informed.

Sounds like shes doing well. Give both those girls a hug and kiss from me.