Saturday, August 30, 2008


Sorry to all those of you out there looking for hour by hour updates, yesterday Monica and I were both wiped out from 2.5 hours of sleep the night before. Additionally the pain medication they had Monica on was not working so she was in an immense amount of pain yesterday. She was very worried that something more serious was wrong. Fortunately we were able to catch Dr. Callahan before she left for the long holiday weekend; she reassured Monica that the areas of pain were part of the deal and additionally switched up the pain meds. As the drugs started to take hold last night, Monica was able to relax and get some sleep.

Baby Avery also helped out, she got into a groove allowing mom and dad some much needed rest. The nurses last night were also very helpful and full of information. So overall yesterday had a challenging start but finished great. Everyone is up this morning and doing well. Monica is even up and around (although I'm trying to get her to still take it easy, those Koreski's like to go) this morning taking tons of photo's as she dresses Avery in all types of hats and head bands.

Here are some new pics:


rose said...

Oh sweetness - thanks for the pics and update - it's true I was up before you looking for updates! Mom

Amanda said...

Glad Monica got some pain relief and you two were able to rest. Have a wonderful day. Oh and have to throw this in since they are playing today - Go Cougs!