Thursday, August 28, 2008

One Last Post For Today

I think this will be my last post for today. What a hell of a day! Avery is amazing and its been so fun for both Monica and I. The out pouring of love and support has been very touching to both of us as well.

Couple of notes that I don't think I got into the blog today:

1) Avery had the cord around her neck so the scheduled c was a very fortunate thing.

2) Monica is doing incredibly well according to nurses and doctors. She even got up by herself this evening so they are very encouraged by her progress.

3) Looks like Saturday evening will be release time. I'll update you as I know more.

4) It is confirmed Monica is a reality tv addict. She had Jeff dvr Big Brother tonight and is still watching it in the room as we speak. They may hold her for a few more days for research purposes. Lol.

Well goodnight world, it has been a wild ride that we are so happy to have been able to share with you.

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rose said...

And what a wonderful day it was! And now, today, the adventure continues. Hope all slept well and will look forward to talking with you today. Love and thoughts, Mom

Amy Lynn said...

This is the best birth of a baby I have ever been associated with! Thanks so much for all the info, pics and the video. It feels much more real being able to read and see all of it. I cant wait to meet her in person. She's just a doll! XOXO!

Steve said...

LMAO Dirks. I love you guys. Harmonica you are the reality queen! You have a beautiful baby and all you think about is big brother. You know what I think? I think that you were trying to schedule the induce for today so you wouldn't miss Big Brother last night. You are amazing.

That video you show captured her spirit perfectly. How fortunate you are to have such a delicate thing in this world that you will see grow and love and then you will teach her how to drive and you will throw ALL of it out the window!

God bless you both