Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting you up to speed

Monica and I met in July 2003 at an adult beverage establishment in Seattle. As with all things I needed another chance and so found Monica again 13 days later (at another above state such establishment). Ever since things have been a wonderful blur; from the first rental house in West Seattle that Monica hated, to buying our first place in the WS, to huge Thanksgivings, and often quite evenings with our dogs.

In March 2006 Monica and I went for a cruise in the Caribbean and I asked her to marry me. Fortunately for me she said yes and in May 2007 we were married. For many of you that may have been that last we saw one another. The first year of marriage is also another period of life that screams by. Before we knew it my brother Jesse was leaving for Iraq and the holidays were upon us with friends and family. Of course the holiday period brings many parties and concerts for the radio industry and we have a wonderful Deck the Hall Ball show to thank nine month later (Joe & Jenn). A few weeks later I came home from the Seahawks playoff win over the Redskins to be told we were having a baby. Joy, terror, how the hell did that happen, oh wait never mind; I'm telling you there is a whole load of emotions that you go through as you prepare for your first child. So now in a crazy twist life has once again flown by, and she will be here tomorrow.

Monica and I both with author blogs here so watch for her to start posting in the next few weeks. Additionally I have hooked up my phone so I should be able to text updates throughout the day so check for those. There have been some tech issues this evening so let’s hope we are ready to roll in the next few hours. All right, I need to sleep; she is already costing me sleep. LOL

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