Thursday, August 28, 2008

After further review of the hospital fine print, email is fine (so the blog will go on) but talking is not. Guess the blog will be your first source for updates, yeah blog!

Monica is doing great, getting asked all the fun questions, have you ever taken money for sex or drugs? Yes. What? J/K. Baby has been on the monitor and is doing great. Keep your thoughts and prayers for Mon as she goes under the drugs. This is the one thing she is a little stressed about. Stay tuned.

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Jewel said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. What an exciting day. Much Love, Jewel.

jrod78 said...

my prayers are with you two, you guys will be great parents. Josh. . well you do what you do best and teach that kid all you know, hopefully the kid has Monicas looks cause boy are you ugly. j/k love you guys, miss ya too.

amy said...

hey Josh...tell Mon that the going under the drugs is NOT the part you's the part you're thankful for! Best wishes for a safe (and comfortable!!) delivery of little Avery Rose! Photos! Photos! You two will be great parents! Lots of love from Amy and family in Arizona!